The gemstones represent the earth-body connection to stimulate balance throughout your emotional well-being. Grounding connects people to Earth's natural healing energy, promoting a more peaceful and abundant lifestyle.    
With this collection, we encourage you to ground yourself before a season of reawakening from a deep freeze. To be gentle, to bloom, to grow, and to find alignment in your own life and within yourself. We celebrate those who live outside of the box while recognizing that progress is paused until you take the time to take care of YOU. Prioritize yourself. Protect your peace.

Your inner peace can only exist within the boundaries you create. Take time to live intentionally, reconnect with your environment and reroot yourself. You grow where you plant yourself. Plant roots in good soil.


ear threader flat lay

The baby box ear threader is made up of tiny, equal straight sides that create a mirror effect. The chain’s high profile shine compliments the threader’s elongated post as an adaptable adornment to any ear. Mix & match threaders, charms & existing pieces to encapsulate your ear party awakening. This threader is made up of 100% recycled 14K white or yellow gold.


turquoise charm

Turquoise, a transcendent ancient gemstone, boasts a number of positive & healing qualities. Ranging from opaque sea green to deep blue in color, with natural golden flakes of pyrite, turquoise most notably represents peace, tranquility, & wisdom. It is believed to dispel negative energy & protect against evil spirits, promoting physical, emotional & spiritual strength. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise is often used as a catalyst to improve & support communication.

This charm is a natural turquoise in a 3-prong setting meant to dangle. It measures 3mm & is set in 100% recycled 14K white & yellow gold.

opal charms in gold and white gold

Regarded as “The Queen of Gems,” opal is known for its electrifying display of colors formed by its magnificent makeup. The rainbow array of fiery hues seen within opals is symbolic of love, life, hope & truth. It is the chosen gemstone to promote balance & harmony within one’s mind & body. The opal’s rich, coloring-changing variety is said to intensify passionate, romantic emotions, in alignment with Venus, the opal ruling planet.

This charm is a lab-grown opal in a bezel setting meant to dangle. It measures 4 mm x 3 mm & is set in 100% recycled 14K white & yellow gold.