Introducing LUXE by LINK x LOU®

Definition of luxe: expensive and of high quality; luxurious.
‍ LINK x LOU® definition of luxe: limitless; empowering; everlasting.

*Subject to local availability. Check with your Linker


She’s here; the statement piece you’ve been waiting for. An infinity chain intrinsic in shape & style, the Loretta is bold, curvaceous & authentic, more polished than those before her.

As the first piece of LUXE, the Loretta embodies a calm confidence that exudes class & commands individuality. Whether added to complete your stack or thrive independently, the Loretta represents the most luxurious Link we offer, regardless of what luxury means to you. It’s about time we let you elevate your chain game.

+ Style - curb
+ Color - yellow + white
+ Solid 14k gold
+ Surface finish - polished
+ Ring - $175
+ Bracelet - $375


Brilliant in cut & rare in existence, the Lou charm is the perfect complement to solid gold. Moissanite, most often mistaken for diamond, is known for its extreme sparkle & invincible nature.

The genesis of the gemstone was discovered in meteors causing many to believe it connects us to the universe. The Lou’s bezel setting allows connection from both sides, furthering the symbolism of an unbreakable bond & incredible strength. It is believed to bring luck into the lives of its possessors, awaken hidden potential, & encourage achieving dreams.

+ Stone - moissanite
+ Shape - baguette
+ Cut-faceted (brilliant-cut)
+ Lab-grown
+ It’s a bezel which means it connects on both ends
+ Price - $99


The Brooklyn is a unique, four-sided chain made up of short, square-shaped links. Synonymous with strength & iconic in style, the box chain has a rich history dating back to 6th-century royalty. The geometric configuration creates the elegant illusion of infinite miniature boxes strung together to embody durability. With movement, the flat, synchronized mirrors twist & turn gracefully, reflecting resilience.

Contrary to its traditional origin, the Brooklyn is intended to serve as a reminder to live life outside of the box. To do so, one must be their authentic self & explore creatively without limits. You aren’t one size fits all. Neither are we.

+ Style - box
+ Color - yellow + white
+ Solid 14k gold
+ Ring - $150
+ Bracelet - $350