Defining your own luxury is a deeply personal journey that transcends boundaries and invites you to enrich your life in meaningful ways - beyond materialism. At LINK x LOU, we value authenticity over branding. Be rich in character and engage deeply in life’s experiences.

True wealth comes from within. It exists in the relationships we cultivate, prioritizing physical and emotional wellness, broadening perspective, and fostering empathy. Mark the moments you’re proud of. Sometimes your mundane is someone else’s dream.


Elevate your ear stack with LUXE Ear Links. Ear Links are small, 1-3” connector chains that can be used to customize your personal ear stack. Select the chain of your choice + length, connect both ends to any existing earring backs on your ear, & voila! You may now get Linked from head to toe.

1” — $40
2” — $80
3” — $120