Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, Evie now calls Florida home as she pursues her nursing degree at the University of Tampa. Beyond her academic commitments, Evie is deeply involved on campus, serving as the Lead Resident Assistant for two dormitories.

A self-proclaimed "family girl," Evie cherishes time spent with her parents and older sister, who introduced her to LINK x LOU, sparking her passion for jewelry and sustainability. With a background in real estate and a family immersed in the jewelry business, Evie's transition into the world of LINK x LOU feels like a natural fit.

When she's not hitting the books or attending clinicals, you'll find Evie exploring Tampa's vibrant scene, biking around town, and indulging in her love for thrift stores and local boutiques. She's also passionate about advocating for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, founding UT's Unified Sports Club to foster inclusivity and community.

Evie's spirit animal, the "owlphin," a natural morph of the owl and dolphin, embodies her keen perception and social nature, reflecting her commitment to creating an inclusive and compassionate atmosphere. Like an owl, Evie notices and appreciates the often overlooked aspects of life – the hidden treasures that others might miss.   The dolphin embodies Evie’s social nature and approach to understanding and connecting with others. Evie strives to create an inclusive and compassionate atmosphere in all interactions. As she embraces her role as a Linker in Tampa, Evie looks forward to sharing her passion for LINK x LOU's beautiful and sustainable jewelry with her community.

Why LINK x LOU? Permanent jewelry is a timeless beauty that is unmatched. The assurance that it will maintain its quality over the years is liberating. A solution to the ever-frustrating fastening of clasps on jewelry matters. Jewelry that is custom fit, and done in an environment that is inviting and fun makes it that much more meaningful.

Fun Fact: Evie’s sister is also a Linker!