Growing up in the Midwest, Jordan spent her childhood in Illinois and her teens in Kansas. After graduating college, she had big dreams of seeing the world, so she became a flight attendant. She then bounced around for a year to find her footing and her desire to live in the sun and be close to nature landed her in Southern California, where Jordan is happy to plant her roots. She is fortunate to be surrounded by her closest girlfriends, who also made the move from the Midwest. She has finally found her forever home in the sun. 

Jordan is currently located in Huntington Beach with her husband, who is an LA City firefighter. Flying is still a part of Jordan’s life and her passions have led her to become a reiki healer and yoga teacher. Jordan has always been a believer that you can have anything in life when you do the work to evolve, connect with your inner voice, and stay true to your authenticity. 

Jordan’s hobbies include traveling the world, film photography, pilates, yoga, self-development and spiritual healing work, and reading spicy fiction series. She enjoys Huntington Beach and Orange County as a whole because of the easygoing nature of its environment. Because the people are particularly chill and friendly, it feels like a Californian Midwest city to Jordans. Such different vibes, and so much to offer. 

Jordan’s spirit animal is a hummingbird because they have always reminded her to see the magic in everything and never dim her uniqueness. She challenges herself to focus on the sweetness in life and never lose sight of where that sweet nectar comes from. 


For starters, Jordan is obsessed with gold. It makes her feel chic & put together, no matter what she’s wearing. Because it’s permanent, she doesn’t have to worry about losing it in hotels all over the world! The energy and aesthetic is one of a kind. 

Fun fact: Jordan was a doula for her best friend's first baby and natural home birth.