Shauna is a born & raised Midwestern girl. She married her high school sweetheart of 17 years & together they have a 2-year-old little girl, plus a giant & mini schnauzer named Kili & Dwalin (hobbit names). Shauna & her husband, Neal, have been fortunate enough to live in a few states together chasing their dreams. Previously, they lived in Chicago for seven years before having their daughter, Alana. Now, Shauna & her family live in their beautiful, native home.

Shauna loves spending time with her family, hiking, exercising, girls' nights, traveling, boating, & trying new food & drinks. Her favorite things about Door County are the beaches, the fun tourists, sunsets, restaurants, & ample space to be active in her home state. Shauna is passionate about becoming her best self & wants to continue to be fit & healthy with age.

Shauna's spirit animal is the wolf. Growing up, she was always scared of them, but as she has gotten older, she appreciates them for their strength & beauty. Shauna is determined to evolve in her self-growth & not fear the things that she used to. 

Why LINK x LOU®? Shauna wants to make people feel even more beautiful about themselves while creating custom pieces for them! She thrives on meeting new people & creating connections. Shauna was drawn to LINK x LOU® because it’s a close-knit family with the same values as her. 

Fun fact: Shauna admits that most of the time she burps louder than anyone you know!