Born & raised in a tiny beach town on Lake Michigan, McKaela has spent the last 10 years in Grand Rapids, MI. A 3x Grand Valley State University Alum, MK is living her best life using not a single one of her degrees. Aside from LINK x LOU®, MK works in luxury retail & loves every minute of it! She is entirely obsessed with CrossFit (hey, her Whoop pairs nicely with her Links ;) ), sneakers, tacos, & Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley. 

MK is the oldest of four girls, a dog mama to an 8 year old Australian Shepherd, Zeus, an Enneagram 2, & an ENFJ. Other hobbies include reading (mostly fiction & mostly mystery/thriller), doodling, exploring her new city of Detroit & all of the amazing food it has to offer…& attending games of the not-so-amazing sports teams (despite it all, she is a huge Detroit sports fan), staying active either in the gym, riding her bike, walking her dog, or playing pickleball. 

MK is proudly Detroit-ish (by definition: someone not from Detroit, but loves the city & lives in or is from its suburbs). She could go on & on about her passion for this city. There is a lot of heart & love there, & there is nowhere on earth with more soul than Detroit. The city has had its share of tough times, but few things can break the spirit of Detroit. Through it all, the people of Detroit continue to believe in & work toward a better Detroit. Ever heard the saying "Detroit hustles harder"? MK is inclined to agree! No matter who you are or where you've come from, there's a place for you in Detroit. She has learned that to be a Detroiter, you need just to be kind, believe in what you do, & never give up.

 MK’s spirit animal is an otter! Mainly because she’s obsessed with them. She spent her 25th birthday in a fully immersive otter experience at the Shedd Aquarium. Upon googling "otter as a spirit animal," she found that it symbolizes more joy, playfulness, & creativity in your life - true, true, & true! It's also noted that those with the otter spirit animal take great pleasure in the success and happiness of others and they'll work untiringly to help others achieve their goals. The enneagram 2 in MK can relate all too well. 

Why LINK x LOU®? As someone who lives an active lifestyle, MK loves the convenience & quality of LINK x LOU® permanent jewelry. You bet she competes in CrossFit competitions, goes to the beach, & rides her bike in her Links! & nobody has to help her put them on... & she doesn’t have to lose them at the gym (RIP to that clasp necklace she loved & still hasn’t found). LINK x LOU® is so much more than a permanent piece of jewelry. She’s seen the passion behind the brand from the top down. MK says she’ll never forget the experience of getting her first Links (thank you, LINK x LOU® Chicago ;) ) with her friends & family! She is all about the connection, community, & relationship that come with the LINK x LOU® experience! The 14k gold beautiful, permanent jewelry is just a bonus, right?! 

Fun fact: MK has been to 21 countries (*cue Drake "running out of pages in your passport"*) but never to Mexico & only spent about 30 minutes in Canada while running an international half marathon... & she can't pick a favorite country because indecisive is her middle name. But MK’s favorite place in the entire world? Well, it's a tie between Mackinac Island & Disney World because yet again, she can't pick favorites.