Born & raised in Amarillo, TX, Kynzee attended college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville - Woo Pig! Postgrad, Kynzee remained in Fayetteville for nearly five years working as the Communications & Logistics Director for an online boutique. The day after her wedding, Kynzee, her husband & their dog, Luna, picked up their lives & moved to Fort Worth.

Kynzee is grateful to be back & rooted in TX, much closer to her family. Her favorite hobbies include shopping, celebrating friends & family, traveling, & eating good food! Kynzee appreciates Fort Worth for the elevated western vibe & incredibly kind people. Her current passion project is furnishing & decorating the home she recently purchased with her husband.

Kynzee’s spirit animal is a butterfly because she loves to be social & meet new people.

Why LINK x LOU®? Kynzee loves LINK x LOU® for its simplicity. She always feels more confident with a few pieces of jewelry on & she loves that it’s something you don’t even have to think about.

Fun fact: Kynzee’s maiden name & her husband’s last name are both Smith - she didn’t have to change a thing!