Born & raised in a suburb just outside of Detroit, Kristie is a former professional dancer. With dancing as her first love, Kristie has danced her entire life! She has since been teaching for the last decade. Kristie’s family includes herself, her husband & their two cute dogs, but she considers her students to be children of her own. Teaching dance & training young dancers has been one of the most rewarding experiences of Kristie’s life.

Aside from Linking & dance, Kristie is a total foodie. She loves trying out every new restaurant, bar, coffee shop, etc., & she never says no to brunch or a girl's night out. Kristie is also a lover of travel. She has a scratch map of all 50 states & is always looking to cross another one off of her list. Her favorite destination thus far has been Santorini, Greece. She is looking forward to more international travel in the future!

Kristie’s favorite thing about Detroit? The comeback! According to Kristie, Detroit is absolutely thriving. The city has had its fair share of setbacks but has bounced back stronger than ever. The community is full of passion & is such a fun place to be. 

Kristie’s spirit animal is her dog, Levi, a miniature golden dachshund. He’s a tiny guy with a huge heart. Like Levi, Kristie also has to move her legs 3x as fast to keep up with everyone else (short girls, feel her?). Levi is extremely food-motivated & happiest when he’s hanging with his people!

Why LINK x LOU®? Everything! Here’s to no longer leaving the house without all of her jewelry again because she’s in too much of a hurry. LINK x LOU® has felt special to Kristie since the moment she got her first Link. The pieces are so effortlessly chic & she instantly regretted not getting more. Aside from the gorgeous pieces, the LINK x LOU® community stands for everything Kristie wants in life and in relationships. Dreaming big, hard work, unwavering support, kindness, & ultimately a culture that invites new experiences & making memories.

Fun fact: Kristie is in a movie with Miley Cyrus. While she has absolutely no lines whatsoever, she can confirm that spending her summer filming alongside Miley was such a cool experience!