Grace is originally from Rockford, Illinois & attended college in Madison, Wisconsin. There, she played volleyball for a small, private Liberal Arts college & majored in Business Management & Finance. Post-grad, Grace earned her Master’s Degree in Finance & graduated in Spring 2022! She has had a variety of professional roles, but none that have felt authentic to herself & her passions. Now, Grace is living in LA where she quit her job in Wealth Management to pursue the fitness industry & is working at a boutique fitness studio in West Hollywood.

Grace’s hobbies include sand volleyball, working out, reading, & brunching. What she loves most about LA is that everyone migrates to the city because they have a dream. It’s a place full of people who are trying to make it big! She finds it intoxicating & exciting to be in a place with so much energy & passion. Grace’s current passion project is a fitness app dedicated to building a community for individuals looking to embark on a fitness journey while making friends to achieve goals with along the way!

As a person, Grace is free-spirited going wherever the wind takes her. She identifies with a horse as her spirit animal because to her, horses represent freedom. With an itch for travel, Grace was eager to move out of her hometown & explore the world. Two of her favorite places that she’s ever lived are Liverpool, United Kingdom & Bilbao, Spain.

Why LINK x LOU®? Grace believes the best part about permanent jewelry is that it’s made just for you. Because of that, it feels more special & even more valuable. She loves LINK x LOU® because it’s authentic, both the jewelry & the brand.

Fun fact: Grace was born during a tornado - watch out!