Gabby is from Overland Park, Kansas. She is currently a student at the University of Arkansas, in the process of earning her degree in psychology. Once she completes her undergraduate studies, Gabby plans to continue with grad school in hopes of becoming a psychotherapist. 

On the weekends, Gabby enjoys working out, shopping, trying new restaurants & spending time with friends & family. Her favorite thing about Fayetteville is the abundance of outdoor activities it has to offer & how beautiful it is in the fall! Gabby’s current passion project is serving the children of Arkansas Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. 

Being in a sorority at the University of Arkansas has provided Gabby with many amazing opportunities to give back to the community. Through their philanthropy, her passion for volunteer work has grown in so many ways. Being able to contribute to bringing light to sick children and their families has been beyond fulfilling for her & is something Gabby hopes to continue beyond her years as a college student. 

Gabby’s spirit animal is an elephant - she has always loved them! Elephants represent strength, loyalty, determination, confidence, honor, pride, & dignity. As an individual, she is also all of these things. When Gabby sets her mind to something she wants to achieve, she is extremely determined & will do it no matter what it takes. She sees herself as a confident, natural born leader. Gabby is also full of pride & not afraid to represent the things she is passionate about with honor. Elephants represent so many amazing qualities, but these are just a few of her favorites! 

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 Fun fact: Gabby was a competitive dancer for 14 years!