Originally from Flint on the east side of Michigan, Abbey moved to Grand Rapids for college where she quickly fell in love with the west side of the state. With three brothers (one is her twin!), Abbey grew up as the baby of her family. She has experience working several different types of jobs from retail to barista to nanny life. When she’s not working, Abbey loves to explore coffee shops & meet new people. If they let her, Abbey will chat anyone’s ear off.

A self-proclaimed bookworm, Abbey reads 3-6 books a month! She is also a cinephile & would relax & watch movies & TV all day if she could. You can catch Abbey at the midnight premier of any marvel movie being released. In warmer months when she isn’t coffee-shop-hopping, Abbey is an avid beachgoer. She loves Grand Rapids because it’s an amazing city with so many different pockets of life & style. You can find something to do every day! Abbey also loves the fact that it’s such an art-centered city, with Art Prize & museums & music, it’s got it all.

Abbey’s spirit animal is a mix between Jess from New Girl & Chandler Bing from Friends. Why? Well, most of her friends would call her quirky & a bit nuts like Jess. Others
would say her sarcasm & wittiness are close to that of Chandlers. Also, they are the two TV characters she most identifies with & feels like they encapsulate her personality as a whole.

Why LINK x LOU®? Abbey believes the best part of permanent jewelry is the no-fuss of having to take it on and off all the time. Along with that, it’s the most sustainable direction for jewelry to be heading as it lasts longer & keeps you from having to throw out old stuff.

Fun fact: Abbey can name any Disney song within three seconds of it playing.