Rachel, originally from Orlando, Florida, has deep roots in the Sunshine State since childhood, with a charming origin in Williamsburg, Virginia. By day, she navigates the recruiting world with finesse, but her heart beats for all things health and wellness.

Having undergone a dietary shift due to health concerns, Rachel's journey into holistic wellness has been transformative. A self-proclaimed foodie, she finds solace and joy in cooking and crafting new recipes, embracing the therapeutic power of fresh, local ingredients.

Beyond the kitchen and LINK x LOU, Rachel enjoys Pilates, leisurely walks, and connecting with friends over happy hours or dinners. Exploring Orlando's vibrant community, proximity to family, and perpetual summer vibes make her love for the city palpable. With three beloved siblings and two cherished dogs, Rachel's life is brimming with love, adventure, and endless possibilities.

While she's not currently pursuing a specific passion project, Rachel thrives on networking with like-minded individuals in the health and wellness realm. Dreaming of owning her own restaurant or coffee shop one day, she embodies the spirit of curiosity and adaptability, much like her chosen spirit animal, the dolphin. Rachel's wanderlust knows no bounds. When it comes to jewelry, she believes in making a statement and finding solace in permanent pieces that effortlessly elevate any ensemble.

Why LINK x LOU? For Rachel, it isn't just about jewelry; it's about embracing a mission-driven culture and adorning oneself with dainty yet impactful pieces fit for every occasion. 

Fun Fact: Rachel has traveled to 14 different countries and looks forward to exploring more!