Delaney is a proud resident of Omaha, NE. She pursued her Bachelor's degree in Business Management at the University of South Dakota and currently works at Medical Solutions, a healthcare recruiting company, alongside her passion for LINK x LOU.

When she's not Linking, Delaney enjoys staying active with her fitness routine, being a dedicated dog mom to her lively Bernedoodle named Eleanor, and indulging in her love for travel by visiting friends in different cities. As a coffee enthusiast, you can often find her supporting her favorite local coffee shops. During the summer, Delaney loves spending time on patios or by the pool, savoring refreshing cocktails in the company of friends and family. And when she's not on the move, you'll find her bonding with her family while watching sports.

What captivates Delaney about Omaha is its vibrant and active community. The friendly and supportive nature of the people, combined with the city's warm and welcoming atmosphere, fosters an environment that encourages building new relationships and making connections. Omaha truly feels like home, enveloping its residents with a sense of belonging.

Delaney’s spirit animal is a dolphin, as she identifies with their playful personalities. She resonates with their ability to spread fun and lighthearted energy, reflecting her own joyful nature.


Delaney describes it as an addiction that is hard to resist. The allure of gold and dainty jewelry is something she finds herself continuously drawn to. The convenience of permanent jewelry means never having to worry about taking it on and off—it becomes a part of one's identity, always there to make you feel amazing.

Once you experience the elegance and beauty of LINK x LOU jewelry, it becomes a lifelong obsession. The dainty and timeless pieces hold an irresistible charm that keeps her coming back for more. The confidence and joy she feels wearing LINK x LOU jewelry is unmatched, and she treasures the convenience of having it always adorn her.

Fun fact: Swimming has played a significant role in Delaney's life, as she was a competitive swimmer for 14 years, even competing at the collegiate level during her time at USD.