Shayna was born and raised in La Crosse, WI, and moved to Minnesota for college where she attended the University of St. Thomas and graduated with a Business Degree specializing in Marketing. She currently works for a retail/commerce agency in Minneapolis. When she’s not working, Shayna is more than likely trying a new restaurant, reading, shopping, spending time with family and friends, or with her mini golden doodle puppy, Lula!     

Shayna’s parents still live in La Crosse, so she frequently visits La Crosse throughout the year and hosts pop-ups and private parties in that area as well! Shayna is very much a family girl and super close with hers. She also enjoys reading, playing sand volleyball, live music (she has a special love for a country festival), spending time on the lake or river with family and friends, trying new restaurants, and finding the best espresso martini in MPLS!

Shayna’s ranking of the best things about Minneapolis are:

  1. Getting to experience all 4 seasons! Shayna loves finding ways to embrace each season (minus the wintertime driving), but nothing can beat a midwest summer or fall!
  2. The close proximity to La Crosse, so she’s able to maintain close relationships with her friends and family in her hometown. 
  3. The food scene! Shayna always finds herself adding new restaurants to her list.

Last but not least, Shayna identifies most with the dolphin as her spirit animal because they’re fun-loving, love to socialize, and are always down for a good time. 

Why LINK x LOU? 

It's SO low maintenance! Shayna is someone who prefers not to take off jewelry when she sweats, swims, etc., so her LINK x LOU jewelry has been a game-changer for her lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Shayna may or may not be a hot sauce addict. There are very few foods that she won't add hot sauce to. Her obsession with hot sauce even extends to the name of her dog, Lula, short for Cholula!