Born & raised in Martinez, California, Marissa is married, and raising two amazing kids; ages 4 & 12. She previously worked at a veterinary hospital for 5 years & invested a majority of her time there rehoming & finding fosters for dogs & cats. Marissa then revisited her passion for raising her daughter & nannied similar-aged children. She is currently taking Early Childhood Education courses & working to become a part-time preschool teacher.

Marissa loves spending weekends with her family & friends. Most weekends they can be found traveling to Motocross tracks all over NorCal to watch her kids race or ride. If she has a kid-free weekend, she enjoys spending it at a concert with her husband & friends listening to live music.

Marissa appreciates that in Martinez, they have such a tight-knit community, very supportive of small businesses. The city shares a fun, lively, family-friendly downtown! Her passion project at this time is working with children & teaching them as much as they teach her.Teaching children is the most special & rewarding job for her.

Out of the entire animal kingdom, Marissa believes a Lion is her spirit animal. They are courageous & strong, & like Marissa, they don't mind a challenge. They stick in packs & to her, nothing is more important than family.

Why LINK x LOU®? The best part is not having to deal with pesky clasps when putting jewelry on. It is very unique, but most importantly she loves how much LINK x LOU® gives back to its communities.