Lindsey was born & raised in Cincinnati & even though she loves to travel & experience new things, she can’t imagine living anywhere else! She graduated from Miami University in Oxford, OH & has been in Human Resources within the corporate world ever since.

Lindsey has a variety of interests including vegetable gardening, especially in the summer. Her current passion project is the family home built in the 50’s that she & her husband renovated. She’s been loving the interior design aspect of that & picking up her gardening hobby. When she isn’t gardening or Linking, you can find Lindsey spending time with her husband, their friends & two Goldendoodles, Henry & Poppy! They enjoy visiting new restaurants & breweries around the city, as well as a good weekend getaway. Catch Lindsey traveling on her weekends off!

Cincinnati has the feel of a big city with a population that emulates midwestern kindness, according to Lindsey. She loves being able to enjoy the peace & quiet of the suburbs with the option to drive 15 minutes to the trendy downtown areas. Cinci has tons of amazing restaurants & fun boutiques, Lindsey has found it really fun to watch the city grow over the last decade!

Lindsey’s spirit animal is an owl because she is definitely a night person & would love to be able to fly anywhere she wanted!

Why LINK x LOU®? Lindsey loves how permanent jewelry makes her feel put together, no matter what she’s doing. It’s nice not worrying about forgetting to put it on or struggling to take it off at the end of the night! Everything about LINK x LOU® is beautiful to Lindsey. Outside of loving the jewelry, she
believes that the brand is classic & will stand the test of time. Every Linker that she met before becoming one herself was incredibly warm & welcoming; Lindsey always left feeling like she wanted to be friends! & look at her now ;)

Fun fact: Lindsey knew Taylor Swift before she became super famous! She used to get to see her one on one at every concert. One time she sent Lindsey a note in the mail, & another time she ran up to Lindsey in the middle of a show to give her a hug (!!!).