Born, raised, & living in the heart of downtown Des Moines, Kylie is reserved. Some might call her shy, but she loves surrounding herself with people. Kylie is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree & will conclude within the next year. On any given weekend you can find Kylie strolling the farmers market for all things fresh, brunching at the newest spot for foodies or the best local cafe for coffee, getting her sweat on, weekending at the lake, & adventuring with her dog, Louis.

Kylie loves the small "big city" feel of Des Moines. It's perfect for those that love the arts & are foodies, like Kylie! Who would think an Iowa city surrounded by cornfields & hogs would offer so much?! Her passion project: advocating for those less fortunate & bringing to light & equity for all.

Kylie’s spirit animal is a goat because they signify curiosity, persistence, the need for balance, & inner peace. Or, in another life, Kylie could be a llama, as they represent confidence, strength, & may want to spit on you if upset – sometimes she is self admittedly stubborn.

Why LINK x LOU®? The best part of permanent jewelry is that it gives effortless, no-hassle, functional wear without maintenance. Not only does it accompany any look but elevates as well. From casual to classy, & regardless of style, LINK x LOU® is a perfect fit. For Kylie, it was LINK x LOU® without hesitation! First introduced through social media, it was clear to her that this was a community & product she wanted to affiliate with. Who wouldn't want 14k jewelry that is simple & delicate, yet a strong staple that goes with everyday wear?!

Fun fact: Kylie is obsessed with finding the next best local coffee shop (for an iced honey lavender latte) & has an obscure love for houseplants. Another fun fact: being the first Linker in Iowa parallels the experience of one of her mentors, who was the first rep in Iowa for another well-known jewelry company. That mentor happens to be Kylie’s mom.