Born & raised in Reno, Nevada, Elena now resides in Dallas, Texas. At the end of 2021, Elena quit her corporate, 9-5 job to pursue her dreams of becoming a fitness instructor & functional nutritionist full-time.

Elena loves to cook & try new restaurants, spend quality time with friends, move her body, travel, & be outdoors. Her favorite thing about Dallas? The people. Elena shares that Dallas is home to many incredible, diverse, talented, interesting, kind & generous individuals, whom she now calls her community. Her current passion project within the city is her nutrition business. Elena works with women to help them heal their relationships with food, their bodies, & movement. Elena’s ultimate goal is to enable others to feel confident in their skin again.


When Elena is not at her fitness studios or Linking, you can find her in her apartment curled up with a book, watching the Food Network, listening to her vinyl collection, or grabbing coffee with a friend. 


Why LINK x LOU®? As a fitness instructor, Elena’s favorite elements of LINK x LOU® are that it’s effortless & sweat-proof. Beyond saving her the chore of taking it on & off every time, she loves how beautiful & delicate it is. Even teaching in 92-degree heat, she can see her necklace sparkle & it makes her feel beautiful! Her pieces are an investment that she’d make over & over again.


Fun fact: Elena speaks Spanish almost fluently. In college, Elena earned a degree in Spanish Literature with a minor in Spanish Translation & lived in South America for 6 months!