Born & raised in Reno, Nevada, Elena now resides in Dallas, Texas. At the end of 2021, Elena quit her corporate, 9-5 job to pursue her dreams of becoming a fitness instructor & functional nutritionist full-time. She & her partner, Maci, own a cute little home in East Dallas. They share an 8-year-old rescue cattle dog named Gracie who is always keeping them on their toes!

Elena loves to cook, eat, socialize with friends, move her body, shop for herself & for her home, & make new friends! Her favorite thing about Dallas? The people. Elena shares that Dallas is home to many incredible, diverse, talented, interesting, kind & generous people. Her current passion project within the city is her nutrition business. Elena works with women to help them heal their relationships with food, their bodies, & movement. Additionally, she assists with identifying the root of their issues whether digestive struggles, low energy, brain fog, fatigue, & so much more. Elena’s ultimate goal is to enable others to feel confident in their skin again. 

Elena’s spirit animal, as confirmed by her partner, is a honey bee because she is sweet, helpful & cute, but can also sting. We love the sassiness! 

Why LINK x LOU®? As a fitness instructor, Elena’s favorite elements of LINK x LOU® are that it’s effortless & sweat-proof. Beyond saving her the chore of taking it on & off every time, she loves how beautiful & delicate it is. Even teaching in 92-degree heat, she can see her necklace sparkle & it makes her feel beautiful! Her pieces are an investment that she’d make over & over again. 

Fun fact: Elena speaks Spanish almost fluently. In college, Elena earned a degree in Spanish Literature with a minor in Spanish Translation & lived in South America for 6 months!