Morgan is a true Houstonian through and through. Born and raised in the vibrant Houston area, Morgan's life has been intertwined with the world of volleyball from a young age. Growing up, she practically lived in the gym, honing her skills and chasing her dreams. Her unwavering dedication led her to play college volleyball at Samford University, where she thrived on and off the court.

Recently, Morgan embarked on a new chapter of her life as she married her high school sweetheart. Together, they share their home with Tucker, their beloved golden doodle. When she's not busy Linking, Morgan dedicates her time to the classroom where she teaches reading and writing to her enthusiastic fourth-grade students. Additionally, Morgan has her own beauty business. For fun, Morgan enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Whether she's hanging poolside or savoring a glass of wine with her girlfriends, Morgan values the company of her loved ones. 

Houston holds a special place in Morgan's heart, as the city offers a plethora of exciting activities and opportunities. From the vibrant cultural scene to the endless entertainment options, Houston never fails to captivate. Morgan is particularly drawn to the League City area, where the proximity to the water allows her to indulge in her love for boating and relaxing by the pool.


Morgan embraces the timeless elegance of LINK x LOU. Since discovering the brand years ago, she has been captivated by its allure. Coupled with the prospect of forming meaningful connections, Morgan is eager to meet new people, and excited to make a lasting impact. 

Fun fact: Morgan was born without her bottom vertebrae.