Rachel was born and raised in Las Vegas. She has only ever left the city once, right after high school, & moved to San Jose, California, where she followed her dreams of being a professional cheerleader for the San Fransisco 49ERs. Rachel loved her time living there & making her dreams a reality, but Las Vegas is home & she’s happy to be back! Since moving back, Rachel started working at Lululemon & couldn't be more grateful for the community the company has given her.

Rachel’s hobbies include hanging out with my friends, spending time with her mom & taking everyone to her favorite coffee shop in town. For Rachel, Las Vegas is home. She can drive less than a 5-mile radius in any direction & end up at one of her family members' houses. Everyone always says Vegas is a small town, everyone knows everyone there & it couldn't be more true!

Rachel’s current passion project is herself! She recently turned 25 & is absolutely
determined to do everything & anything that makes her happy. She is dedicated to making herself proud. This evolving lady’s spirit animal is a butterfly. They are her sign from the universe. Since Rachel’s grandmother passed away, she knows the butterflies sent her way are from her grandmother, helping Rachel navigate through life.

Why LINK x LOU®? Rachel loves LINK x LOU® because of the sentimental aspect. It’s easy to forget along the way how busy life can get. With permanent jewelry, the memory is always with you! LINK x LOU® has coincidently crossed Rachel’s life path multiple times from where it was to what it's become, & she’s a strong believer everything happens for a reason. Rachel & LINK x LOU® were meant to be!