Molly is a Lincoln, Nebraska native, currently high on life! She is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln graduate who double majored in Graphic Design & Advertising & Public Relations. She recently married her high school sweetheart in September 2023 and is looking forward to the year ahead! 

Molly’s passion project is photography & she has been running her own business since January of 2020. At only two years old, her business has grown to heights she cannot even believe. She is eager to see where it'll be two more years from now. Molly has always been interested in personal & authentic interactions between people. Her photography has allowed her to create & capture genuine interactions. Her main subjects are couples, weddings, & portraits. She loves getting to capture those moments & turn them into memories. Other interests of Molly’s include second-hand shopping such as thrifting, garage or estate sales, or buying up-cycled clothing, & frequenting coffee shops.

The Lincoln native has lived there her whole life & has always heard the "Nebraska Nice" phrase. It wasn’t until Molly got older that she truly experienced & understood the genuinely kind-hearted people who live in Nebraska. She’s found a sense of community there & loves the INSANE support between creatives, businesses, entrepreneurs, & more. Lincoln, although on a small-scale, does not fall short from community or supporting locals. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, & truly, people are rooting for you & are in your corner. 

Molly’s spirit animal is definitely a cat. They are so awkward & goofy at times, yet crave attention, are sassy, & needy enough to make sure they get what they want. 

Why LINK x LOU®? Never the person to wear jewelry on a daily basis, Molly was very attracted to the dainty & permanent pieces. It is elegant yet light & reduces her purchases towards fast-fashion because of its extreme high-quality, 14k solid gold. LINK x LOU® hasn't been in her life for too long, yet it has already impacted her life in different ways. 

Fun fact: Molly is adopted from China, an only child & grand-child, & is a first-gen college graduate!