Born & raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Devony is a Lincoln loyalist who loves everything about her home state. She recently graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Animal Science. Aside from Linking, Devony works as a dance teacher & is passionate about sharing her love for dance with her young students.

In addition to all things dance, Devony enjoys shopping, trying out new coffee shops, & spending time with her niece. Her favorite part about Lincoln is how you can always feel the love between local businesses. There is something so special about the small businesses in town & the amount of support they have for each other. Devony appreciates Lincoln’s strong sense of home that can be felt by anyone who comes to visit.

Devony’s spirit animal is a butterfly because they represent transformation & continuous growth. Butterflies are also a sign from the universe that her grandma is with her, which helps her connect with them even more. 

Why LINK x LOU®? The best part about permanent jewelry is its convenience! Devony fell in love with LINK x LOU® the second she got her first piece of jewelry & the obsession hasn’t stopped. It makes you feel put together provides an effortless look, & can go with every outfit!

Fun fact: Devony has a twin sister who is only one minute older than her!