Abby was born & raised in Overland Park, Kansas, & graduated in 2019 with a degree in Education. Shortly after, she moved to Colorado & began teaching 3rd grade in Denver. During Covid, Abby & her boyfriend made the decision to move to Los Angeles to be closer to her sister & newborn nephew. 

Abby & her boyfriend live in the Manhattan Beach area & love exploring all of the things LA has to offer. They enjoy going to the beach, taking walks, reading, farmers markets & the unlimited amount of opportunities. Abby is passionate about bettering herself in a variety of ways - reading more, meditating, looking into her health, & doing things daily that bring her joy.

If she had to choose, Abby’s spirit animal would be a dolphin because she loves the beach, as well as socializing & playing. 

Why LINK x LOU®? Always having it on and never losing it. Abby loves LINK x LOU® because it is quality jewelry that is easy to wear. It is simple but beautiful and best of all, you never forget to put it on! 

Fun fact: Abby lives with her older sister, her boyfriend, her sister’s boyfriend & their 2-year-old son.