Meet Celeste, the ever-ethereal, dancing queen you can’t take your eyes off of. Celeste exudes an alluring energy you can’t resist that just might keep you up all night. Symbolic of a past-life utopia, the light follows her every move, illuminating the surrounding space in a blanket of disco stars. She’s inviting you to shine your brightest. Say yes! Stand out with Celeste. You’ll miss her contagious groove when she’s gone - it won’t last forever. Available in 14k white & yellow gold for a limited time only.

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Celeste Ring
Celeste Necklace

+ Available in both yellow and white 14k solid gold
+ Claspless - custom fit + welded onto your wrist
+ Only available to purchase in person; see "How to Purchase" below for more info

LINK x LOU specializes in 14k solid gold permanent jewelry and curating unique brand experiences. We are currently available in 50+ cities across the US on a private party and pop-up basis.

Ready to get linked? Follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to our booking page and choose whether you want to attend a pop-up or book a private party

2. Choose your city or the closest city to you

3. Book a 15 min time slot at a pop-up event near you or book a private party with a Linker in your city

4. Show up for your appointment at the pop-up event or get ready to host the party of a lifetime with your Linker and all your closest friends!

5. Select the chain you want welded onto you + your placement. You can add charms to your Link too!

6. Your trained Linker will size the chain to get the perfect fit

7. One spark later + your Link is now welded on! That pretty little thing isn't going anywhere, unless, of course, you want it to. In that case you can cut it off with scissors!

Have any more q's? Head to our FAQ page to get all of your burning questions answered.