Originally from the scenic state of Colorado, Sorin now proudly calls West Palm Beach home. Sorin's educational journey led her to the University of Northern Colorado, where she pursued a degree in Journalism and Communications, laying a solid foundation for her professional career. Since graduating, Sorin has embarked on a versatile path, taking on roles as a Personal/Executive Assistant and Freelance Project Manager for various clients. In addition to her professional pursuits, Sorin has nurtured her passion for photography, specializing in lifestyle and wedding photography for the past four years.

Sorin finds joy in a diverse range of activities that promote a healthy mind and lifestyle. From romantic beach dates at sunrise or sunset to engaging in playful pickleball matches with friends, long walks, exploring different culinary experiences, immersing herself in non-fiction books, attending country concerts, and spending quality time with her Golden Retriever, Finnley, she actively participates in activities that contribute to her positive, mental well-being.

Embracing the laid-back and vibrant lifestyle, West Palm Beach has become a beloved city for Sorin. The incredible friendships she has forged since moving to Florida have been a true blessing, and she feel immensely grateful to reside in a city that feels like paradise. A passion project close to Sorin's heart involves making a positive impact in the lives of everyone she encounters. Through warm smiles, acts of kindness, and meaningful conversations that genuinely inquire about others' well-being, Sorin strives to ensure that every person feels acknowledged, heard, and embraced.

When it comes to her spirit animal, Sorin identifies with dogs. She admires the qualities of loyalty, bravery, friendship, affection, protection, communication, patience (most of the time), and unwavering devotion that dogs embody. 


In Sorin's eyes, the beauty of permanent jewelry lies in its ability to represent one's personal story. Such jewelry holds sentimental value and offers a sense of individuality and self-expression that can be cherished throughout a lifetime. Being the kind of person who cherishes and wears the same pieces of jewelry for an extended period, Sorin appreciates the longevity and meaningfulness of permanent jewelry. However, what truly sets LINK x LOU apart for Sorin is the remarkable community surrounding the brand. It's not just about the exquisite pieces; it's about joining a tribe that embodies unconditional support, kindness, boundless dreams, and unforgettable experiences. LINK x LOU is a celebration of connections and shared moments with every person one encounters.

Fun fact: Sorin's cultural background traces back to India, where her parents are originally from. As first-generation Americans, Sorin and her sister embrace their unique heritage.