Leigha was born & raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She grew up a huge Husker football fan & still is to this day! She graduated from the University of Nebraska to become a high school math teacher. At 27, Leigha moved to Denver to branch out, meet new people & explore everything Colorado had to offer. While in Denver, Leigha rescued her dog, met some of her closest friends, met a handsome paramedic fireman who will soon be her husband, & had a beautiful baby boy. 

After 10 years of teaching, Leigha decided to step away from the classroom & stay home with her little boy. Staying at home with her son has changed Leigha’s idea of what she wants her family life to look like. She would like to be able to provide for her family in the way where she can be her own person, utilize her creativity, & have the flexibility to stay home with him & any more babies to come.

 Outside of motherhood, Leigha’s interests include brunch with friends, volleyball, making art & Sunday family dinners. Her favorite part of living in California is the weather. It allows her to get her son & dog outside for walks every day. 

Why LINK x LOU®? Leigha loves LINK x LOU® because you never have to think about it. It is always there, and you never have to take it off. It becomes part of you, like a tattoo. She loves the simplicity and style. Starting LINK x LOU® in a new city will push Leigha to meet all kinds of new people, get to know her city better, & allow her to stay home with her son on the other days. 

Fun fact: Leigha starts everyday with music. You can find her dancing or singing at almost any time of the day. She also has double-jointed shoulders.