Hattie grew up in a small town in the southeast corner of Minnesota on the Mississippi River. Both of her parents are artists, so creating art has always been an important part of her life. After spending time in college earning her business degree, Hattie decided to pursue an education in goldsmithing & gemology. She moved to California where she became both a certified jeweler & gemologist, as well as an avid beachgoer. From California, Hattie ventured up to Oregon to further her career & fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. Ultimately, Hattie decided that she was dedicated to achieving her bachelor's degree in business, which led her to return to her home state of Minnesota.

During her final semester of college, Hattie started a handmade leather business where she created & sold goods such as bags & wallets. Upon returning to the chilly midwest, Hattie made the brave decision to embrace the cold. Snowboarding & ice fishing have since become two of her favorite winter activities!

In warmer months, Hattie can be found on the Mississippi River boating or relaxing on a sandbar with friends. From the bluffs & hiking trails to the rivers & lakes, the unique landscape of Minneapolis has enabled Hattie to experience & appreciate all four seasons. The excitement & anticipation during a change in seasons is one of Hattie’s favorite parts of living there. The twin cities also offer a robust music scene & tons of incredible breweries.

Hattie has a natural passion for working with her hands and trying new things, hence her perfect fit with LINK x LOU®! She’s been working with leather for the last five years, which has been a fun, creative outlet that has allowed her to create unique, high-quality accessories for herself & others. She has also recently gained a new appreciation for cooking - Hattie wears many hats!

Why LINK x LOU®? Hattie is attracted to LINK x LOU® because It's timeless, effortless, & elevates any outfit. While these things are important, Hattie is most excited by the experience and the connections to be made while getting Linked. It's so simple and understated yet so unique. Having worked in the jewelry industry for her entire professional career, she is confident to say that she has never seen a company quite like Link & knows there is much to come! Hattie says, “the passion and excitement from HQ and the other Linkers is so rare and SO inspiring” - we couldn’t agree more!

Fun fact: Hattie has an insane amount of house plants that she loves as if they are her children.