Emerson is a Colorado native & has lived in the state for most of her life. She went to CU Boulder for a year to figure out how she could make college work as most people do, but she had to follow her heart and pursue acting. She moved to Manhattan, NY for two years & got to live out her dream of being a city girl! After graduating, Emerson began working at LINK x LOU® HQ as an office manager in Denver. She loves the brand & what it stands for so much that she’s taking it with her as she moves to Los Angeles, CA to start her career as an actress. 

On the weekend, you can almost always find Emerson with her puppy, Harper, outside enjoying the sunshine, or at the gym! Emerson loves fitness and the outdoors, so her ideal weekend involves both. Her favorite things about LA include the beach, the sun, & the endless possibilities. Emerson lived without a beach all of her life, so she tries to spend as much time as she can with her feet in the sand. She also appreciates that there are so many people in LA & enjoys knowing that you can make a connection anywhere you go.

 Emerson’s spirit animal is a butterfly. She likes to think that she is ever changing & growing & transforming, never staying in one place. 

Why LINK x LOU®? Emerson believes it’s so personal because it’s something you always have on, kind of like a favorite perfume. It becomes your signature in a way. She’s passionate about the message & people behind LINK x LOU®! If she’s going to have permanent jewelry on her body or share it with other people, it is important to care about it. LINK x LOU® is so much more than jewelry, it’s an experience & a community. 

Fun fact: Emerson has been to 18 different countries not including the US