Originally from Denver, Ariel has moved around the country with her fiance, most recently landing in Miami, Florida! She attended the University of Oklahoma & has been working in medical sales since she graduated. Ariel enjoys spending time outside, under the sun, working out, finding new coffee shops & speakeasies, teaching lagree, hosting dinners & trying new recipes. Lilies & handwritten cards are her love language & author Colleen Hoover has a hold over her current reading list. Ariel is also a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast & is often scrolling through her favorite brands. 

Ariel was drawn to LINK x LOU® by the freedom to be her own boss & make it exactly what she wants & needs in her life. Her favorite thing about Miami so far is the beach, of course! She is getting her fix of love for the sun & claims that Miami’s bagels are second best to NYC, plus, she’s close to some extended family. Moving to a new city & throwing herself into a new role is the perfect opportunity to meet people with similar interests. Ariel is up for the challenge to push herself out of her comfort zone at what could otherwise be an intimidating transition in her life. 

Ariel’s spirit animal is a seal because they are loyal to their trainers, but their freedom in the sea is everything she encompasses. She loves to be in charge of herself but her loyalty runs deep. Ariel believes in standing firmly for what you believe in & being the biggest go-getter you can be! She’s been working since she was 13, after all. 

Why LINK x LOU®? LINK x LOU® is easy for Ariel to love because you never have to deal with clasps, mixing metals is easy, & even dressed down, you still look & feel 100% put together. Ariel has watched the brand grow from the beginning & is still repping her first piece from June of 2020. She is passionate about the empowerment of women everywhere & is drawn to the support of the LINK x LOU® community that stands for being your unique self.  

Fun fact: Ariel’s little sister works for LINK x LOU® HQ in Denver!